Patriotic Fruit Pizza- My Life Well Loved

Patriotic Fruit Pizza

Fruit + Berries + Cookie + Icing = Sugary Perfection. For Memorial Day this year, we got together with our friends Joel and Claire to cookout and Claire whipped up this great looking fruit pizza. With the 4th coming up, I knew I had to share this patriotic fruit pizza with you guys so you can taste it for yourselves! I've now spent 3 Independence Day's with the Davises enjoying fireworks and hanging out. It's become somewhat of a tradition. All I can hope is that Claire making this fruit pizza again! Claire got the inspiration for this recipe from Sally's Baking Addiction and knowing the preggo didn't love cream cheese and likes things a little bit healthier, switched up the recipe a tad. Instead of traditional white flour, she substituted whole wheat flour and instead of a whole block … [click to read more]

New Zealand

Weigh This: From the Readers

After last week's post on what you weigh yourself on, I got several great answers from my readers about what they weigh themselves on that I couldn't help but share. These are such positive and uplifting messages that I knew it may serve as further encouragement for each of you … [click to read more]

Clean Eating Citrus Chicken

Clean Eating Lemon Chicken Marinade

Everyone seems to be short on time in the summer. Whether it's vacationing, packing for vacation, kid's activities, or pool parties a home-cooked meal can be hard to come by! You guys know I'm always looking for short cut meals that are still healthy so I've got a new recipe you … [click to read more]

30 Weeks Pregnant

30 Weeks

How far along? 30 weeks pregnant and the baby is 15.7 inches long from head to heel. In case you missed my last update, here’s my 29 week update. And please excuse my no makeup beach look here! Tons of you have expressed interest in my hat via social media, so if you want your … [click to read more]

10 Minute Summer Beauty Routine

My 10 Minute Beauty Routine

When the summer heat hits, makeup melts, hair curls, and sweat ensues. It's not the prettiest picture of a southern belle but it is the reality of living below the mason-dixon line. In order to live radiantly, I really try to streamline my makeup and beauty routine in order to … [click to read more]

Eric and Heather-My Life Well Loved

Weigh This

I had a conversation the other night with some friends about body image. We were talking a lot about how many of us struggle with accepting compliments, with noticing the positive and accepting changes as they come due to babies, age, or other factors. This got me thinking … [click to read more]

How to do a Top Knot

Top Knot

It took me WAY too long to figure out the top knot. Especially since I have pretty unruly, curly hair in general. Since I've finally figured it out and rock it on a weekly basis now, I wanted to give you guys the inside scoop on how to do a top knot painlessly and quickly. I … [click to read more]