Paleo and Whole 30 Pumpkin Custard: No Grains, No Added Sugar Meal Plan for the Week

Meal Plan: No Grains, No Added Sugar Challenge

I have officially completed my no grains, no added sugar challenge! If you did it with me, congratulations!!! You did it. I am so proud of each of you who text, emailed, or commented on my social media about joining me in your version of healthy eating for the New Year. It's a recommitment to yourself and a great way to start on the right foot. I'm sharing some of my favorite meal ideas from the last week, so you can enjoy some healthy recipes and perhaps some new ideas. I'll be sharing some of my results and some new favorite healthy recipes in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! My No Grains, No Added Sugar Meal Plan: Sunday: Breakfast: All Natural Peanut Butter with Banana and Coffee Lunch: Quinoa Salad from Sprout & Pour Dinner: Beanless Chili Workout: Run with a … [click to read more]

Healthy Challenge Check In including meal ideas: My Life Well Loved

Challenge Check-In

We're almost half way through the month, y'all! That means you're still on track with your New Year's goals, right? ;) As I mentioned last week, I started a no grains, no added sugar challenge for myself for 30 days. So far, it's been going great because I have an awesome support … [click to read more]

4 Months Old

Leyton is 4 Months Old!

Dear Leyton, You are 4 months old! December was of course a whirlwind. You not only celebrated your first Christmas but you also went to Indianapolis to meet your great-grandparents, uncle/aunt and cousin for the first time as well as went to Tampa for Christmas. So, yes, that … [click to read more]

Swaddle Homewood - My Life Well Loved

Swaddle Homewood

  If you are a Birmingham area mom, you probably already know and love Swaddle in downtown Homewood. In fact, I think my friends and I may be some of Swaddle Homewood's most frequent customers! It's just so convenient right across the street from our Pure … [click to read more]

Baby Gift Guide

Baby Gift Guide

This is my first experience shopping for a baby, so I since I've had to do a ton of research to let my family know what to get Leyton...I'm going to try to simplify it for you guys too! I polled tons of my mom friends to see what their kids liked the most or needed and here's … [click to read more]