Bump Style to help you still look put together during those final months of pregnancy

Style the Bump: Pleats

          Well, you'd think that with all the pumpkins, PSL's and the first day of fall having come and gone that it would be a little cooler, but it still feels mighty warm this week in Birmingham! I'm still rocking shorts so it feels appropriate to share this bump style post in a cool dress. This is my next to last Style the Bump post! It was such a whirlwind that last few weeks that even though I had these shots to post, I never got around to it. My hope is that this maternity fashion series helps inspire moms to still dress cute with your bump. Now, if I can just get myself inspired to dress up after the bump. I'm not going to lie to you, I've spent a good amount of time in my nursing camis and shorts. As a kid, I used … [click to read more]

My Life Well Loved: 1 Month Old Baby

Leyton is 1 month old!

    Leyton, Wow, buddy, we have had you in our lives for four wonderful weeks now! You are our 1 month old baby. Everyone around us notices that Eric and I call you our little buddy a lot and you don't seem to mind. Our hearts are full of so much love … [click to read more]

Maternity Style: My Life Well Loved

Style the Bump: Lavender

        This will be one of my last Style the Bump posts since obviously, I've had the baby! My hope is that this maternity fashion series helps inspire moms to still dress cute with your bump and that you don't have to break the … [click to read more]

Sam's Club Baby Giveaway

$50 Sam’s Club Giveaway

  Leyton had one of his first big outings this weekend! We took him to Sam's Club while momma guarded him with her life from anyone wanting to look/touch/or get to close to him. ;) We got to stock up on baby necessities like Pampers Swaddlers, Pampers Sensitive Wipes, … [click to read more]

Leyton and Mom and Dad- My Life Well Loved

Leyton Samuel

  Welcome to the world, Leyton Samuel Brown! We are so in love with you. Birth Date: 8/31 Time Born: 2:09 pm Height: 20.5" Weight: 7 lbs 11 oz Funny Fact: I call Leyton my little Baby Bear because of his little hat and/or Houdini, because Leyton loves … [click to read more]

39 Weeks- My Life Well Loved

39 Weeks

How far along? 39 weeks pregnant…40 weeks tomorrow and thus my due date: 8/31! So, here's my last picture while pregnant...outside of church this morning. That basketball of a stomach of mine is ready for Leyton be out and about so we can meet our little man. And in case you … [click to read more]

Prenatal Yoga: My Life Well Loved

Prenatal Yoga

During my pregnancy, I've changed my fitness regime quite a bit to embrace keeping a healthy baby and making the most of pregnancy. One of the changes I made was incorporating prenatal yoga into my routine. Since I hadn't done yoga that much before prenatal yoga, I didn't really … [click to read more]

38 Weeks Pregnant: My Life Well Loved

38 Weeks

How far along? 38 weeks pregnant...39 weeks tomorrow! And in case you missed the 37 week bumpdate, we are in a NEW house! If you are a Birmingham local, make sure you check out Jamie Goff as a realtor. Make sure you let her know I sent you her way. :) House Update: … [click to read more]

37 Weeks

37 Weeks & A New Home

How far along? 37 weeks pregnant! And as most of you have heard by now, we are in a NEW house! We are so excited about our move and excited to finally start feeling settled in. If you are a Birmingham local, make sure you check out Jamie Goff as a realtor. She worked tirelessly … [click to read more]